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Solution Soleil: Solar Saves Lives

Ten years ago, MFK opened its Cap-Haitien factory where approximately hundreds of metric tons of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) is produced each year.‍

The need for a sustainable energy source was apparent: to save as many lives as possible, MFK began a Capital Campaign in 2021 to bring solar power to the factory. We are proud to announce that we have now achieved this goal, and a newly-installed solar array now provides nearly 100% of the factory’s energy!‍

From hand-powered, to diesel, to solar: a look back‍

In Haiti, energy is not a guarantee. When MFK started making Medika Mamba, no electricity or machinery was available. Peanuts for RUTF were ground with a hand grinder. Then a bicycle wheel, motor, and later a car generator grind peanuts more efficiently.‍

MFK developed new ways to meet the demand for Medika Mamba. The team was working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to produce larger volumes of RUTF.‍

Soon, MFK gained the attention of UNICEF and other global organizations wanting to purchase Medika Mamba. A small-but-mighty operation was no longer sufficient, so MFK began raising money to build a factory. The Cap-Haitien factory was finally operating in 2012, powered by a diesel generator.‍

Operations ran smoothly, RUTF was being made and distributed across Haiti and 17 other countries. However, in 2021 Haiti fell into a state of disarray due to the COVID-19 pandemic, political unrest, an earthquake, and on top of it all, a shortage in diesel fuel. Production at the factory suffered as a result.‍

Knowing the uncertainty of using diesel for energy, MFK had a solution. In 2021, a Capital Campaign was launched to raise $1.5 million for “Solution Soleil” to bring solar power to the factory. While the campaign progressed MFK’s factory team persevered through more challenges, and nearly doubled production despite nationwide shutdowns in 2022.‍

Two men installing solar panels at MFK factory
Aerial vew of solar panel installation at MFK factory
Men installing solar panels on MFK factory

March 29, 2023: Solution Soleil brings a brighter future to MFK and Haiti, with the installation of a solar array with 680 solar panels! Diesel shortages and other obstacles will no longer prevent MFK’s production of Medika Mamba, and as a result, more malnourished children will be saved.‍

This year, MFK is on track to save the lives of over 100,000 children. The introduction of solar power to the factory will make a sustainable, life-changing difference for malnourished children and mothers in Haiti and around the world. Meds & Food for Kids is extremely grateful for the immense showing of support through Solution Soleil to save lives and transform futures.