World Food Programs Biggest Order Yet!

This summer MFK has welcomed the opportunity to support the World Food Program’s work in Haiti by supplying a large order of Plumpy Sup for their efforts in Haiti. In June, WFP placed the largest order for Plumpy Sup in MFK’s history. The order, 88.7 metric tons of Plumpy Sup or 6,425 boxes, each with 150 sachets, is over three times what WFP ordered in March of this year. And, we wouldn’t have been able to fufil this order without our new factory –  made possible by our incredibly generous donors. MFK has opened the factory 22 hours a day and hired an additional eight workers to fill this order by the end of August.


The World Food Program has been working in Haiti for the last three years focusing on long-term solutions to malnutrition in the country and increasing food security. They are currently providing food assistance to 1.7 million Haitians.

WFP is using the order to fulfill its demands for their Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program. The program, which has been running in Haiti for 3 years, treats children from six months to five years who suffer from moderate acute malnutrition or have been previously treated for severe acute malnutrition. The program is administered through many government health centers and hospitals throughout Haiti. Mothers are able to come to these centers once a month for three to four months to pick up a months worth of Plumpy Sup, a sachet per day. The Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program also targets pregnant and lactating women to help improve birth outcomes and the early months after birth for both the mother and child.

Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) has become a major problem in Haiti, especially around lean seasons where food supplies run low. MAM has become a major risk factor for child mortality with children three to four times more likely to die than those who are well-nourished. By treating MAM early WFP helps to prevent severe malnutrition and deaths while reducing the stresses on the health care system. MFK looks forward to continuing its supply of Plumpy Sup to support the World Food Program’s work in Haiti.

by: Elaine Jaworski