Vita Mamba – Energy for Life!


MFK continues to gather testimonials regarding the efficacy of its nutritious school snack, Vita Mamba. The snack was developed through a USDA McGovern-Dole grant in 2012 and has been proven to raise hemoglobin levels, decrease school absences, and improve body fat stores. Recently a 12-year-old girl named Fabiola at a school receiving Vita Mamba was interviewed regarding her observations of Vita Mamba’s impact.

Q:  Tell me about your life in the community.

A:  I live in a very difficult situation.  I am the  third daughter in a family with 6 children.  There is really no socio-economic structure in my village. There is no electricity, no drinking water, no health clinic for even basic needs, no  place to buy food, and only one latrine for every 10 families.

Q:  What are your hopes and wishes for the future?

A:  I am 12 years old and in the 4th grade.  I want to become a nurse to take care of the people in my community.

Q:  Before receiving [Vita Mamba], what would you usually eat? How many meals would you eat daily? 

A:  I  would  eat  bread  and  an egg,  sometimes  spaghetti,  sometime  coffee  and  bread.   Sometimes I  would  have two  meals, but we always just eat the same thing for every meal.

Q:  Since you have started receiving the snack, how are you feeling?

A:  I feel good and I have lots of energy to work and go school, also to play with my friends.

Q:  What has changed for you now that you’re eating [Vita Mamba]?

A:  I had boils on my skin and ever since I started eating Vita Mamba, they have disappeared.  What’s more, I’m able to pay attention better in school.

Q:  What has changed for your family? Your school? Your community?

A:  My  mom  is  not  so  worried  now  when we  can’t  find  any  food  in  the  morning  before  heading  off  to  school because she knows that we’ll eat Vita Mamba at school. Vita Mamba encourages school attendance a lot; there are now more kids coming to my school. More of the children in my village now go to school.