Update Regarding Hurricane Matthew


The death toll in Haiti has reached over 1,000 as residents continue to face the devastating after effects of Hurricane Matthew, as seen in the aerial photo of Saint-Marc, Haiti (ABC News). Even those who have not lost their lives have lost loved ones, animals, homes, crops and belongings. People across the world are using their voices to offer support and spread the word about the need for help.

Although the MFK Factory in Cap-Haitien was not damaged and our employees are safe, we have partners in the south of Haiti that have been hit by this terrible storm. They are working around the clock to repair roads, provide medical attention to the hurt and sick and also feed the hungry.

We are providing boxes of our nutritious foods to add to the food resources that are being delivered. The first shipment left our Port-au-Prince depot for Jeremie on Oct. 13 via secured convoy. Unfortunately, in a month or two there will be an increase in officially malnourished children whom we will treat medically. An additional nutritionist on our team based in Port-au-Prince will help identify the needs of the people on the peninsula. We are grateful to all of our faithful supporters for the calls, emails, donations and messages of support on our social media accounts.

With deep gratitude,






Pat and the MFK Team