Update on Situation in Haiti

From MFK Executive Director and Founder, Dr. Patricia Wolff

Dear Friends,

I would like to update you on the situation in Haiti. You may have seen on TV or read in the newspaper that there has been more than 15 months of demonstrations, fuel shortages and political infighting. For MFK, this has meant extreme difficulty in our ability to find fuel for the factory, for our building project and for traveling to malnutrition and farmer sites. Our employees have much more expense and difficulty traveling to work. Our factory has had to close several days dues to roadblocks and rock throwing. On the many days when we can reach the factory, we are only able to work half days because of severe fuel shortages. Nevertheless, most of the Haitian employees come to work everyday and the expatriate fellows continue to do their jobs as best they can. Morale is good and cooperation among all the MFKers has been extraordinary and inspiring.

This cannot go on indefinitely, but I have personally seen similar chaos in the past 30 years in Haiti. What is the prize at the end of the struggle? Probably not good governance and a chance to work for the common good. The ordinary Haitian suffers again and again.

We remain in solidarity with the ordinary Haitian and are determined to continue walking with them hand in hand, day by day until this sorts itself out.

Thank you for your continuing support of Haiti’s poorest people.

Patricia B. Wolff, MD
Founder & CEO