There is always something new to learn!


The MFK nutrition team recently offered an information session to new clinic partners who gladly accepted to implement our malnutrition program in their institutions. We hosted nine clinic officers for a half-day training; some of them even had to travel from Gros-Morne, which is located 4 hours away from our factory in Cap-Haïtien.

MFK is privileged to have such dedicated partners who truly understand the crucial need for a malnutrition management program in Haiti’s rural areas. Despite the fact that accessing some regions represent challenges due toimg_1700 a lack of road infrastructure, our partners are committed and work hard to provide the best care to their patients. By attending our information sessions, they have the opportunity to extend their learning on malnutrition and how to raise nutrition awareness among their community.

A malnutrition management program is not only about following protocols and guidelines; healthcare providers need to be conscious of possible health complications and how to define them, such as micro- and macronutrient deficiencies which could seriously affect child health on short- and long-term bases.

MFK is always honored to enhance support to its partners – none of our work could be possible without our devoted colleagues from all over Haiti!


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