The Story of Louis Oscar

From MFK Nurse Educator Roudelyne Mompremier

D.O.B.: October 17, 2017
Beginning Weight: 14.3lbs, Height: 28 inches
Ending weight: 21lbs

Oscar is the youngest in a family of 10 children. He lives in Balan, in a house lent to his family by the community. Oscar lives with his siblings, cousins, aunt and grandmother. His father died just after his birth, and his mother left for the Dominican Republic, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. His grandmother does not have a job, and only sometimes is able to grow a few vegetables in her small garden to feed the family. Oscar’s 15-year-old sister primarily takes care of him – she is unable to go to school as is the case for the other children in the household.

Oscar Before: 14.3lbs

Because of the lack of income needed to buy food, Oscar became malnourished. When his sister took him to Balan hospital for testing, he was found to be severely malnourished. After 4 weeks of Medika Mamba treatment, he had no visible improvement. His condition was getting worse by the day, which led the MFK nurses to refer him to Second Mile Haiti – a partner clinic – for better care. After spending just a week at Second Mile, Oscar improved greatly. Oscar’s sister continued his treatment at home, and Oscar is now happy and healthy! His sister thanks MFK for saving her brother’s life.

Oscar After: 21lbs