The Story of Wicken

Roudelyne Mompremier, MFK Nurse, interviewed Etienne P. at New Hope Hospital on December 14, 2017.

October 5, 2017
14 Months Old
6 kg (13.2lb)

Wicken’s mother, Etienne P., is 30 and has 9 children, none of which attend school.  Etienne is a single mother, and each of her children has a different father. Without the support from any of her children’s fathers, Etienne often sells grilled corn to provide food for her family. Etienne and her nine children live in Plaisance, a rural town located in the Northern region of Haiti.

Wicken is Etienne’s youngest child. She brought Wicken to New Hope Hospital after observing that both Wicken, and her 8th child had low birth weight. Etienne said, “They didn’t look healthy.” Other mothers in the malnutrition program advised her to go the hospital so she could find treatment for her children.  Both her children were enrolled in the malnutrition program in October. Initially Wicken did not gain weight quickly. As a result, the nurse referred Etienne to the laboratory to undergo testing. Etienne learned that she was HIV positive. The nurse advised Etienne because of her HIV status to stop nursing Wicken. Etienne said that she had no other milk to give her son – she continued to breastfeed.

After Etienne began her HIV treatment, Wicken started to show progress. After 11 weeks in the program, he has gained weight, and is currently 6.7 kb (14.7 lb). Etienne is grateful for the medika mamba program because it has saved the life of both her children.