The Story of Francelyne

Roudelyne Mompremier, MFK Nurse, interviewed Aline at Profmaille Clinic

The Story of Francelyne

Date of Birth : 5/4/2011

Francelyne’s mother, Aline is 40 years old. Francelyne is Aline’s only child. Francelyne’s father died of AIDS.  Aline does not work, but instead receives some financial help from her family. Aline and Francelyne live in a rented house in the Conassa neighborhood of Cap-Haitien, close to Fort St. Michel hospital.

In January, Aline brought Francelyne to a malnutrition clinic at Profamille Clinic at the suggestion of a community health worker. Francelyne was extremely frail and sickly, weighing only 9 Kilograms (19.8 pounds) severely under-weight for a six-year old girl. She was only 38 inches tall.  She was severely malnourished.

After several weeks in the clinic’s malnutrition program, Francelyne did not show much improvement.  Each week, she developed a bad cough and was sometimes vomiting. The clinic’s nurse recommended that she be referred to the clinic’s physician to be tested for tuberculosis and HIV.

Francelyne – Before

The clinic learned that Aline, the mother, was HIV-positive, and was taking antiretroviral medication. In fact , Francelyne had already tested positive for HIV as well, although Aline chose to hide this from the staff at the malnutrition clinic. The Profamille physician referred Francelyne to a hospital-based program that treats children who have tested positive for HIV.

Francelyne is now receiving antiretroviral medication, and the treatment for her malnutrition is starting to take effect.  Francelyne is up to 11 kilograms (24.2 pounds). Her target weight is 29 pounds, so she is almost there! Francelyne is putting on weight that she so desperately needs for good health and a chance at a good life.

Francelyne – After

Aline is very grateful to MFK and their generous donation of Medika Mamba. Without this treatment, Aline would have lost all hope for her only child, but now she sees her little girl getting healthier and is grateful for her improvement. Francelyne is now putting on weight that she so desperately needs to for good health and a chance at a good life.