The Story of Esther

As told to Magdalla Jacques Borgella, MFK Nurse.

Esther was born on January 16, 2017 to a single mom to five other children – 12, 10, 9, 8 and 4.  The father of the children is in prison. Esther’s mother had a job at the industrial park, Caracol, but lost her job when Esther was born.  Esther’s mother no longer has any means of support and no way of feeding her children, with neither a husband nor a job herself.

Esther began to get sick.  She suffered from severe edema of her lower limbs, and her skin became discolored.  The mother thought only to take Esther to the Voodoo priest, as she believed that her child was about to die.  However after several months with no results, Esther’s mother decided to bring her to the health clinic at Fort Bourgeois.  The nurse there immediately recognized the signs of severe acute malnutrition in the child. The mother, though, was hard to convince, believeing that someone had put a hex on her child.

Esther – Before

The mother finally accepted the nurse’s diagnosis and Esther was admitted to the malnutrition program. Soon she started to receive Medika Mamba.  Initially, Esther weighed only 7.1 Kg (15.6 pounds) and was only 73 cm (29 inches).  After two weeks in the malnutrition program, Esther was admitted to the public hospital because of a constant fever and a bad cough. Esther stayed in the hospital for several weeks, as she had contracted pneumonia. While at the hospital, Esther continued to receive Medika Mamba. Her edema improved, and she started to gain weight. When Esther left the hospital, she weighed 8.5 Kg (18.7 pounds).  Once discharged from the hospital, Esther returned to the Fort Bourgeois clinic, and continued to recover. Three weeks after continuing the clinic-based treatment, Esther reached her target weight of 9.5 Kg (20.9 pounds). Esther is now healthy again.

Esther – After

Esther’s mother now realizes just how malnourished her child was, and how  the Medika Mamba brought her child back from a very bad place. She is very aware of the changes that Medika Mamba made in her child’s life and she is forever thankful!