The Story of Edelin

From MFK Nurse Educators Morgan Price and Magdalla Borgella

At 2 years of age and weighing 7.6 kg (16 lbs), Edelin was admitted into a Meds and Food for Kids outpatient malnutrition program in a distant country town called, Bahon.

Edelin has suffered from multiple infections and diseases throughout his short life. His grandmother actively cares for him and another child that also suffers from malnutrition. Once Edelin’s mother moved from Bahon to Cap-Haitien, his grandmother became fully responsible for Edelin, a financial burden that weighed on her heavily. Edelin’s grandmother never suspected that he suffered from malnutrition until people from the community encouraged her to visit the clinic. At admission, Edelin was diagnosed with severe malnutrition accompanied by edema that spread throughout his arms and legs.


After two weeks of treatment, Edelin lost all of the excess fluid that was built up in his body and he began to gain weight. Now, after 12 weeks in the malnutrition program, Edelin’s grandmother is filled with joy to know that her grandson no longer suffers from severe malnutrition.