The Story of Ducken

From MFK Nurse Educator Magdalla Jacques Borgella

D.O.B. 04/08/2012
Starting Weight: 29.1 lbs
Starting Height: 43”
Ending Weight: 40.7 lbs

Ducken – Before

Ducken is the youngest child of a single-parent family – his father died on his birthday. His 43-year-old mother has six children, the eldest of whom is 15; however only one goes to school.  They live in the region of Arbonite, far from the Medor dispensary – more than three hours of walking in the mountains.

Mom farms produce in her garden but in this region, there are six months of rain and six months of drought. At times it rains so much that there is nothing to eat at all.

Ducken – After

Ducken was losing weight and becoming increasingly thin and fatigued. Mom was worried, and   brought him to a voodoo doctor. After several unsuccessful appointments, she decided to take him to the clinic for better care.  The nurse admitted him to the severe acute malnutrition program after his assessment. After twelve weeks of Medika Mamba treatment, there were visible changes in Ducken. His mother was overjoyed and thanked the program for reviving her son. She is now advising other mothers to take their children for malnutrition screening at the clinic instead of going elsewhere.