The Story of Anne Saïna

From MFK Nurse Educator Roudelyne Mompremier

Anne Saïna was born July 4, 2017.Since she was 5 months old, she has lived with her grandmother Theresa – her mother left to live in Port-au-Prince and her father  lives in the Dominican Republic. While Anne’s father sends money to feed her from time to time, it is never really enough and the grandmother does not have a job. Theresa lives in her own home, but often has less than 100 gourdes (about $ 1.38) to feed her family on any given day, and sometimes not even that.


Between missing her parents and lacking an appetite, Anne became malnourished. The grandmother has previously raised children suffering from malnutrition so she was aware of the program through Sante Ayitï in Bahon, Haiti, Theresa brought Anne to the clinic, and after careful evaluation, Anne was diagnosed as being severely malnourished.  At admission, Anne weighed only 7 Kg (15.4 pounds) and was only 74 cm (29 inches) tall.  After only 3 weeks in the Medika Mamba program, Anne now weighs 7.6 Kg (16.7 pounds) and is doing much better. Theresa would like to thank the program very much for the Medika Mamba that is saving her granddaughter’s life.