The Story of Acelienne

Age: 2 years

          BEFORE – 11 lbs

Benita is 31 years old, and has 5 children – 2 died. To support her family, she plants corn and beans in her garden to sell in the market to try and support her family.

Benita traveled for two days with her daughter Acelienne to reach Danita’s Children, a MFK partner.  Acelienne weighed only 11 lbs and at admission, her blood sugar was deathly low and she was seizing.  If she had arrived even an hour later, Acelienne would have died. She had edema and other complications of malnutrition.

Acelienne with Brittany Hilker, Director of Malnutrition Center

After approximately two months of treatment with Medika Mamba, Acelienne now weighs 18.5lbs. Her mother says, “”I feel relaxed here. The nurses are nice to me. I feel at home.”

          AFTER- 18.5 lbs