Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Recently a team from the US along with team members in Haiti worked together over the Holiday to complete a new baseboard project at the factory.

Dave Harmann, who headed up the project noted:

“We have completed installation of base in the production room.  Lagrand has been installing base in the packaging room without input from either George or me.  His work on fitting and installing the base fully meets the needs. Lagrand has taken substantial ownership this week.  In addition to working side-by-side with George and me, he has quickly found any tools or supplies we needed, and has kept the other three fellows working productively.  Our task this week would have been much more difficult with his support.”

Lagrand, a member of Team Haiti, noted “This was a powerful team” and that they were very satisfied with the outcome!

What a wonderful way to start the New Year. We are so grateful to everyone who worked together to make this happen!