Real Hope for Haiti & MFK

Real Hope for Haiti is one of the many organizations in Haiti that uses MFK’s products in its clinic. They are also one of our very best partners in the fight against malnutrition. Real Hope for Haiti is nestled in the mountains in a rural village called Cazale. The clinic began in 1997 to meet the needs of the impoverished Haitians in the area. Many of the people are farmers with unstable incomes, if a crop or field goes bad, families lose their entire income for months. These farming families also lack a balanced diet often eating only beans, corn and yam. On top of the poor diet and tight income, the area has a high prevalence of Tuberculosis. These factors have lead Real Hope for Haiti to expand into a medical clinic, a cholera treatment centre, and a rescue clinic for children with life threatening conditions.

The rescue clinic houses anywhere from 30-35 inpatient children with severe malnutrition at a time. These children are treated from four to five months on a strict diet to ensure their weight gain, many are simultaneously treated for tuberculosis. Licia B Bector, the Director of the Rescue Clinic and her sister Lori have seen malnutrition in the area decline over the last six years. Previously, around 75% of the children they saw were malnourished, that number is now at 50%. However, in just the last month the sisters have seen a spike in malnutrition, with 10 children dying in August at the clinic. They believe this increase is due to foreign aid pulling out of Haiti.

Real Hope for Haiti began using Medika Mamba in 2009 after Lori, a trained nurse, who also runs the clinical operations, read about the product online. She was interested but initially did not have the funding to provide it at the clinic. When fellow missionaries saw the need, they raised funds to try a pilot. After seeing their first 10 children transform into healthy kids they have since used the product. Today they receive funds from the World Food Program and World Wide Village to provide MFK’s Medika Mamba in their clinic. The Rescue Clinic has treated 496 children since it opened and continues to educate the community on healthy eating practices to continue reducing the malnourished rates in Cazale and surrounding areas.

MFK is deeply grateful for the partnership of this tremendous organization. Together, we’re making an impact. Learn more about Real Hope for Haiti: HERE