Reaching the Children Who Need it Most

With the generous support of a long-time partner and family foundation, Meds & Food for Kids is going up the mountain – to reach impoverished rural children “in the last mile.”  In partnership with a local Haitian NGO, Sonje Ayiti (“Remembering Haiti” in Haitian Creole), MFK will treat more than 200 malnourished children with life-saving Medika Mamba, in the rural community of Bailly over the next year. Bailly is extremely remote and mountainous. Travel can be challenging because roads are so bad, which leaves families isolated and poor. This effort will help us assess the feasibility of reaching malnourished children in remote villages, in addition to building the capacity and supporting the good work of a locally run nonprofit.  In the few weeks since the project has begun, MFK and the Sonje Ayiti team have already enrolled 64 malnourished children. For them and their families, this Medika Mamba program will truly be life changing.