Port-au-Prince Seaport Destroyed, MFK Container Feared Lost

MFK founder and executive director Dr. Pat Wolff is on the ground in Haiti. She and the rest of the MFK team are providing a clearer picture of the humanitarian crisis unfolding after the quake. Just today we were included on an email that Steve Tillery, long time MFK supporter and volunteer, sent to friends and family.

…I am in Haiti now. Things here are not really describable. Refugees from Port au Prince are pouring into Cap Haitien by the thousands. There is no fuel for planes, no electricity and no services for the hungry. Buses and trucks from Port au Prince are lined up hundreds at a time waiting for fuel to return for more refugees. The streets are swarming with people. When I got off of my plane over the weekend I handed a small bag of food to a desperate looking little boy who was begging. Within seconds literally dozens of little children came out of nowhere and ripped the bag to pieces as they clamored for something-anything- to eat.  Chaos reigns.
We are among the fortunate – our facilities are unscathed and our staff is safe. Not only will we continue our work to cure malnutrition, we will ramp up our efforts. Our work is more important than ever.

However, in the past 48 hours we’ve learned the main seaport in Port-au-Prince was completely destroyed. This CNN report shows the devastation. As a result, MFK has lost a shipping container carrying $80,000 of raw materials. We are urgently seeking public donations to help us replace those materials. The fundraising is underway. Generous donors, including Scottrade, have stepped forward to make possible new shipments of Mamba ingredients to other ports in Haiti. But more money is urgently needed to make these emergency efforts possible. Please donate now.