PMIL-MFK Training for Haitian Agronomists (2/2)

Will2015-9-14 Greetings from Hispaniola - field

(This is a continuation of the 7/11/2016 blog post, recounting the activities of a recent day-long training session for Haitian agronomists given by researchers and agronomists from the Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab.)

After lunch, Georgy Faroutine, the MFK Research Fellow, presented the results of a Valencia variety trial conducted at the MFK experimental plots. This was followed by three breakout sessions conducted in the plots located on the MFK campus. Dr. Kemerait gave participants the opportunity to have a hands-on, interactive experience in identifying plant diseases and performing visual evaluations in the field.

Training in identifying plant diseases
Training in identifying plant diseases

Dr. MacDonald and Georgy gave a demonstration on calibrating backpack sprayers used for fungicide applications in MFK’s research trials. Finally, Dr. Tillman demonstrated how to perform maturity profile testing on peanuts, which can be used to determine optimal harvest dates. The training ended with a group photo, and emails were exchanged for sending participants training materials and coordinating distribution of certificates. Many participants expressed their satisfaction with the training and the new things they learned over the course of the day. MFK was happy to be a part of this collaborative learning experience, which advances one of the PMIL goals of transferring knowledge of best practices and research results to local scientists and practitioners, with a goal of capacity building in Haiti.