Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Staff Training in France

On Monday, Quality Control Officer Darline Aurelien and Production Officer Ken Thercy traveled the 4,500 miles from Haiti to France for training with MFK’s new partner, Nutriset. Darline and Ken were excited for the trip as neither had ever left Hispaniola, the island of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The planning of the trip and task of getting all the necessary paper work took months. Like any great adventure Ken and Darline faced many trials and tribulations. On arriving in France both were shocked by the near freezing temperature in Paris. For two people who have never left the Caribbean it was a cruel greeting. The cold was made worse by the fact that Ken’s luggage was nowhere to be found and is still somewhere between Port-au-Prince and Paris.

february 25 2011

The two proceeded to travel by train to the small town of Malaunay in the north of France, the home of Nutriset. Ken and Darline are hard at work but are also looking forward to the weekend when a Nutriset colleague will show them the sights and delights of Normandy. For MFK this is a step closer to the procurement and installation of the Opti-nut, new machinery that will be capable of producing 15,000 kilos of Medika Mamba a month. For Ken and Darline the training will expand their capacity and enable to them to take additional responsibilities when the new machinery comes online.