Novus, World Trade Center Launch the “Medika Mamba Challenge”–A Campaign for MFK and Haiti’s Malnourished Kids

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“Medika Mamba,” a fortified, peanut-butter-based, ready-to-use-therapeutic food (RUTF) endorsed by the World Health Organization and UNICEF could well be one of the most effective life-savers among victims of the disastrous earthquakes in Haiti. Three St. Louis-area organizations are working hard to ensure that this lifeline continues to be available during the disaster relief period and beyond.

Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) is the focus of a Challenge Campaign launched today by Novus International in partnership with the World Trade Center Saint Louis. The goal of the challenge campaign is to raise funds by February 12 to produce as much Medika Mamba as possible to help the injured and malnourished Haitian children and their families.

“This partnership is another example of the inspiring generosity of the St. Louis community,” said MFK Executive Director Dr. Patricia Wolff in an email from Cap-Haitien, Haiti. “The funds raised from this campaign will save the lives of Haiti’s most vulnerable citizens–its malnourished children.”

The latest death toll in Haiti is estimated at 150,000, with thousands more buried in mass graves. An estimated 2 million Haitians are homeless or living in make-shift shelters, and 250,000 are in dire need of urgent care, according to government reports.

In support of this initiative, Novus International President and Chief Executive Officer Thad Simons issued communication to all worldwide Novus employees urging them to make earthquake relief donations to MFK or similar organizations committed to assisting Haiti from disaster through to rebuilding.

Novus International, a St. Charles-based company and a leading developer of animal health and nutrition programs for the poultry, pork, beef, dairy, aquaculture, and companion animal industries worldwide, made the first corporate donation of $10,000 to the Challenge Campaign. Additionally, Novus will match employee donations, dollar-for-dollar.

“The daily challenges of Haiti’s children and their families are enormous and saddening” Simons said. “This disaster relief effort led by MFK will help to provide healthy, nutritious food for injured and malnourished Haitian children, whose lives have been torn apart. It is an honor for our team at Novus to support the noble efforts of this organization.”

Novus International’s Simons believes that partnering with the World Trade Center Saint Louis is a pivotal way of engaging the international trade community in supporting a local non-profit. Simons said the World Trade Center Saint Louis is a huge asset in this effort because of its international business contacts, market research and global influence.

“The Haiti disaster is unprecedented and needs the support from all of us,” said World Trade Center Saint Louis Executive Director Tim Nowak.  “As an international trade organization, World Trade Center Saint Louis has a civic responsibility to reach out and help the Haitian community during this important relief effort.”

World Trade Center Saint Louis’ operating license is granted by the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) in New York, and serves most of Missouri and Southern Illinois. Its goal is to enhance international trade, promote local economic development, and ultimately foster peace and stability through trade.

St. Louis area residents, businesses and corporations are urged to donate to MFK by going to the “Medika Mamba Challenge” site. To support the challenge campaign, click here.