New Clinic/Peanut Partnership

In February 2011 we began an exciting new partnership with a community based in the tiny rural village of La Victoire, some 2.5 hours from Cap Haitian in the mountains leading to the Central Plateau.

The program is supported by Fearless Warriors, a religious-based non-profit founded by a couple from Belvidere, IL, whose mission is to help Haitians help themselves. MFK supplied the initial 2 months supply of Medika Mamba to get the program going, along with staff training in treating malnutrition and education for families on good nutrition for their children.15366536067_2qxPt

The clinic started with 11 kids. After 6 weeks on the Medika Mamba program, 9 of the children reached their goal weight and graduated. The other two will continue the program for a few more weeks. Soon Fearless Warriors will be graduating their second class of Medika Mamba children.

Fearless Warriors provided peanut seeds to 52 families in the community.  The peanuts grown will provide a needed source of protein for diets that are often high in sugar and carbohydrates. The additional protein will keep bellies full and provide instant energy. In addition, the farmers can sell the peanuts to provide vital extra income.

The best aspect of this program is that the farmers can also sell the peanuts to MFK! This project will allow us to expand the amount of raw peanuts we purchase in Haiti. Fearless Warriors is doing critical work alongside MFK. The partnership enhances MFK’s impact on farmers and children. Fearless Warriors benefit by being able to expand the number of children they treat in Haiti. This partnership is as natural as let’s say… peanut butter and jelly.

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