Mum’s the Word: Improving Prenatal Health with Enov’Mum

From MFK Nurse Educator Magdalla Jacques Borgella

One of our prenatal program partners, Robillard, is located in northern Haiti; a beautiful area with many farms that produce bananas, rice and sugar cane. It is approximately a one-hour drive from the Meds & Food for Kids factory.

Many pregnant women in this area do not receive prenatal care, putting them at risk for anemia or other dangerous infections. Further, their babies are delivered by a midwife or even their husband, sometimes resulting in the mother’s death due to unknown causes. Additionally, their babies may have a low birth weight or be malnourished.

Women Receiving Prenatal Care at Local Clinic

From July 16th to September 10th, we enrolled 30 pregnant women in the Robillard program. The women come every week and receive a dose of Enov’Mum™, a nutritional supplement that allows women in at-risk areas to meet their daily requirements in main micronutrients. Each of the pregnant women report that Enov’Mum™ has improved their nutritional health, and they like it!

The women are grateful to MKF because Enov’Mum™ reduces their anemia, helps prevent low birth weight and their babies will be born healthy.