Mobile Clinic on Foot


From MFK Nurse Educator/Nutrition Fellow, Sarah Curley:

Limonade is a village about two miles from the factory. It is next to the highway, and then the village homes are dispersed among the countryside. This region is scattered with malnutrition. In September 2016, Anise was our champion nurse at Clinique de Vie just outside the town. There is a small church and school where the nurse consults and treats both children at the school and families in the nearby village homes. Common consultations include injuries and burns, diarrhea, cough, or pneumonia.

Roudelyne and Anise started the Medika Mamba program in September screening all the children in the school. After several weeks of treating the young students in the Medika Mamba program, Clinique de Vie advertised the program to the community and the number of admissions in our program increased again.

IMG_8344We had between twenty and thirty children in the program from September until December 2016. By February it seemed that we had treated all the malnourished children in our immediate neighborhood. On Tuesday, March 14th , Roudelyne, RoseCarline, Anise, and I marched our way into the rural roads of Limonade, walking door-to-door informing mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and neighbors of our Medika Mamba program. We screened kids in their yards, gave talks about nutrition, and found 14 children in the rural community that qualify for the malnutrition program and are now receiving treatment at Clinique de Vie.

Clinique de Vie also purchases MFK’s school snack Vita Mamba. Anise said, before Vita Mamba, teachers were comingIMG_7788 to the clinic very often with sick children in their classroom. She is still getting those consultations, however much less often. She believes that because the kids will continue eating the fortified snack everyday, their immunity will continue to strengthen. Another significant change is that we have not admitted a single student in the malnutrition program from the school since the initial screening in September.