MFK Recovers Shipping Container; Critical Raw Materials Will Sustain Increased Production of Medika Mamba

On January 18, we shared news that we feared a container was lost that included many of the raw materials necessary to make Medika Mamba. This container had arrived by ship just three days before the devastating earthquake. It contained supplies of milk powder, vegetable oil, shipping boxes, and a small quantity of donated peanut paste.

Early reports after the quake showed the Port-au-Prince seaport was completely destroyed. Media coverage and correspondence with our shipping company stoked our fears. We immediately raced to replace the materials and prevent any stockouts, thus ensuring we could meet the increasing demand for Medika Mamba and treat the growing number of malnourished children. Our valued suppliers demonstrated their support for the quake victims and generously replaced the contents free of charge.

On Wednesday, January 27, we received the incredible news that our container of materials not only survived the quake, but had been expedited through Haitian customs. On Monday morning, February 1, we received the container in Cap-Haitien. The cavalry arrived!

From the perspective of Sandra Koch, Meds & Food for Kids’ shipping representative, “It is an absolute miracle. Your container had been written off.”

We went back to each of our suppliers and shared the good news that we had recovered this container. Keeping with the spirit of generosity, all of them have said MFK can keep all of the donated materials. Thanks to these donations, we are in a stronger position to sustain our increased production schedule. We are working as quickly as we can to get our life-saving food into the hands of Haiti’s malnourished children and others who are vulnerable after the quake.

Please join us in thanking the following suppliers for their generosity and support:  Fortitech (vitamins/minerals), Smurfit-Stone (shipping boxes), the U.S. Dairy Export Council (milk powder), Land O’Lakes (milk powder), Darigold/James Farrell (milk powder), Hoogwegt (milk powder), Stratas Foods (vegetable oil), International Food Products (vegetable oil and milk powder), Golden Peanuts, the American Peanut Council, Lance Snacks (peanut paste), and Fresh King (warehouse space). A special note of gratitude to Sally Wells (Birdsong Peanuts) and Stephanie Grunenfelder (American Peanut Council) for their tremendous leadership and inspiring generosity during these adverse times.