MFK Employees Celebrate Haiti Political News

Reported on 2-3-2011 by Jamie VanArtsdalen, MFK Fellow:

Most of the employees arrived on time today at 7:00am, though some had trouble getting to work due to tire burnings downtown which meant fewer taptaps (public transportation) on the street. The radio was turned on and all employees listened as the election results were being announced. There was this nervous energy in anticipation of what the results might be.

At about 7:45am, the announcement that Jude Celestin would not be in the running for president was announced. Everyone started shouting and dancing with relief. They were all commenting that now everything would be calm and things could go on as usual. I had just been in discussions with Ken, the production officer, as to whether we should produce or not today because of the threat of more unrest before the announcement was made.

We are up and running and hoping to make over 700 kg to make up for closing early yesterday due to protests in town.