MFK Employee Appreciation Day!

Last week Thursday, Meds & Food for Kids had an employee appreciation day for all factory employees. It was inspired by the fact that many of them had never been to the Citadelle, even though it’s only 45 minutes away by car. The Citadelle Laferrière is the largest fortress in the Americas and was built 1805-1820 by King Henri Christophe against French attack post-independence.

The day started at 4:30 am to pick up employees to head to the Citadelle. Seven Haitian employees and the two American fellows packed into one of the Land Cruisers and headed out. We arrived at the Citadelle so early that we were the first ones there. Rodin Saintil and Jean Alex Pierre crammed in the front seat so that they could see the Citadelle and San Souci Palace as they approached. Rodin said, “M vle chita devan paske m pa kon li!” I want to sit up front because I have never seen the Citadelle!

The group was guided by Johny Remy who has many years of experience as a Citadelle tour guide. Some people were more engaged about the history, and others were excited to sit on cannons. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the Citadelle sat prominently atop the mountain. Everyone was full of energy; Claudin even took some short cuts and was the first to the top.

Following the Citadelle, all employees were invited to the Employee Appreciation BBQ and Party. (All employees could have come to the Citadelle, but many said they would be too tired to dance if they did both in one day!) Everyone brought friends and family. It was great for everyone to meet husbands, wives and kids of co-workers… in their Sunday’s best too! It was a day for good food, great company, and to relax and have fun.