MFK and the PlumpyField Network

In 2010, MFK joined Nutriset’s PlumpyField Network, a global community of independent producers of nutritional solutions for vulnerable populations. One of the main ways the PlumpyField Network helps fight malnutrition is to transfer technology to promote local responses to malnutrition. MFK is part of the PlumpyField Network’s success story, and we have benefited from our membership. As a member, we have been able to acquire our new Opti-Nut machinery, strengthen our quality assurance and comply with international standards. All of these things strengthen MFK’s ability to produce a local solution to issues of malnutrition in Haiti. In short, the PlumpyField Network enables us to help save children’s lives.

Being part of the PlumpyField Network also means MFK is now part of a global movement to fight malnutrition. While MFK works to fight malnutrition in Haiti, other members of the PlumpyField Network are helping vulnerable populations in Sudan, Malawi and India, just to name a few. Right now Edesia and HILINA, fellow network members, are playing a crucial role in providing nutritional solutions and hope to the crisis going on in East Africa. Click here to see CNN video about the East African crisis and see boxes of Plumpy’nut being unloaded to fight the hunger in Somalia. When a Plumpy’nut product reaches a child, a life is changed. MFK is proud to be part of Nutriset’s PlumpyField Network and the global fight against malnutrition.15739466235_3pxjH