Meet Our Agriculture Interns!

As part of our agriculture program, MFK provides opportunities for young graduates in Haiti to gain tangible experience in the agriculture field. For the next three months, we have two wonderful interns who will be learning about our research method, farmer training, peanut purchases, and more. We are grateful to have them as part of the team! Here’s a little more about them:

Meet Kasandra Pierre:

  • What did you study, and what school did you go to, and when did you graduate?
    Agronomy, Université Chrétienne du Nord d’Haiti (UCNH). I graduated in May 2018.
  • Why did you choose Agronomy as a career choice?
    I choose agronomy as a career choice because I like agriculture, so I wanted to have deeper knowledge about it.
  • How is your experience so far?
    Everything is going well. We participated in all training and saw how to plan the training in the field with different varieties of peanuts.
  • What are your goals for the next three years?
    – Find a job.
    – Create my own enterprise.
    – Get a master’s degree in science.
  • What are your specific goals during your time at MFK?
    Familiarize with the different peanut varieties, learn how to use fungicide, learn how to plan the training, and participate in farmer training with the farmers.
  • Favorite subject in College? Why?
    I preferred agroecology because agroecology advocates more or less organic agriculture, therefore no chemical products. In summary, we protect the environment and health.
  • Favorite Hobby?
    Music, sports, and reading.


Meet Wood Dudeley Jean-Louis:

  • What did you study, and what school did you go to, and when did you graduate?I studied Agriculture science, at Université Notre Dame d’Haiti (UNDH). I am freshly graduated.
  • Why did you choose Agronomy as a career choice?
    I choose Agronomy as a career choice because Agriculture was my first practical experience. Since my childhood, I have always been at garden practice with my grandpa.
  • Why did you choose MFK for your internship?
    I choose MFK for my internship because I just realize it’s powerful to help people in need, to help many kinds of children that are facing malnutrition.
  • How did you hear about MFK? What do you know about MFK?
    I heard about MFK through their website and people who know MFK.
  • What is your goal for the next three years?
    Honestly, I would like to work with the MFK programs because I realize it’s extraordinary to help people, this makes them so impactful from all over the world. I think MFK is leading a generation to change the world.
  • Favorite subject in College? Why?
    Agri-Business because I like to work in the agriculture sector.
  • Favorite food?