Medika Mamba Miracle Phanel

Phanel lives with both parents and one sibling in a two-room house made of rocks, clay and tin. They have a small out house and the closest water source is two hours away. Their diet consists mainly of corn, rice, and some meat including fish.

The father reports that Phanel had swelling when he returned home from the hospital with Phanel’s mother. She was in the hospital for a month and has been very ill, unable to walk or care for Phanel. The father reports that Phanel has not had a fever, vomiting or any diarrhea.

Phanel’s father traveled four hours to the clinic at Real Hope for Haiti to seek treatment for his son.

Weighing 19lbs at admission, Phanel was very sick. He had edema in his entire body – his abdomen severely distended. He was very weak and did not have any energy. He was unable to stand up on his own when admitted. It took him several more weeks to have enough strength to stand and then beginning to walk.  Phanel’s edema took about 2 weeks to go down.

When his dad returned to report the mom was doing better he was delighted to see how well Phanel was doing. After 11 weeks of treatment, Phanel weighs 23lbs! Congrats Phanel!

(Photos Courtesy of Real Hope for Haiti.)