Medika Mamba Miracle: Meet Jeffté

Jeffté was born in Petite-Anse, an area of Haiti with very high malnutrition rates. Jeffté and his father and mother all live with Jeffté’s grandparents. When Jeffté was seven months old, he began to grow thin and weak as his appetite gradually decreased. His grandmother, who often cared for him, became worried for his health and well-being.

Jeffté’s health continued to worsen, and when he was ten months old his grandmother brought him wrapped in a towel to a local hospital in Cap-Haitien. Jeffté had never been able to see a doctor or nurse prior to the visit. He was referred to Clinic Medico-Social at Charrier, a partner malnutrition program, where MFK’s nurse was able to provide a consultation. After screening, it was clear Jeffté was severely malnourished with additional complications, weighing just 8.8 LB with edema.

The clinic quickly sent him to another MFK partner, Danita’s Children, where he was able to spend three weeks in their inpatient malnutrition center to receive intensive treatment for his malnutrition and other illnesses. When Jeffté was able to be discharged, he returned to the outpatient Medika Mamba program and continued to gain weight. After an additional 8 weeks of treatment, Jeffté graduated at a healthier weight of 16.3 LB.

Jeffté’s grandmother and the rest of his family are so grateful to MFK for saving the life of their child. His grandmother said that she didn’t have the exact words to thank MFK for the excellent care and the work which they are doing in Haiti– she hopes this program will continue to save more even children from malnutrition.