Medika Mamba In Action: Kenfa’s Story

In November 2010, MFK program officer Nurse Berenise Estimable and MFK Graduate Fellow Eyleen Chou visited Blanchard, Haiti to train health staff from Partners in Development. Since then, their Medika Mamba program has admitted eight children. Here is one of their stories.


 Too weak to stand, Kenfa, a 19-month-old girl with diarrhea, fever and dehydration weighed only 4.5 kilos, (just under 10 lbs), a weight more typical of a one-month old child. After four weeks on Medika Mamba, Kenfa is starting to stand on her own. She is no longer dehydrated and is readily taking spoonfuls of the paste. Her mom and the medical team were pleased to see her gain over 2 pounds, and are excited to see her continued improvement in the weeks to come.

march 21 2011