Local Partnership Increase MFK’s Ability to Treat More Children

Posted by:  Racha Yehia, Nutrition Fellow, Cap Haitien, Haiti

IMG_5665Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) is very fortunate to build and work with local Haitian partners like Shada Clinic, Hands Up for Haiti (HUFA) and Sonje Ayiti Organisation (SAO).

Through these associations, we are able to treat hundreds of malnourished children and give them hope for a better future. Not only we distribute Medika Mamba to severely and moderately malnourished children but with our partners we go above and beyond to try to make families self-sufficient.

We do this by taking the extra step to reinforce the knowledge of nurses and community health workers by training them on the different aspects of malnutrition programs, strengthening their expertise on better assessing malnutrition in children and giving them proper tools aIMG_5902nd resources to give educational lessons adapted to the Haitian culture. Without these strong partnerships our programs would not be as successful and we would not see as many positive results in reducing infantile malnutrition.

In the past couple of months, we have had our share of battles from floods, political unrest, roadblocks, protests, grueling weather conditions, bad roads and but all these constraints have not stopped us from our main objective and purpose which is to work together in providing a durable solution to fighting malnutrition in Haiti.

If we look into details at one of our partners, MFK has been affiliated with the Shada clinic for the past 6 years. Shada is considered
one of the poorest slums in Cap-Haitien. Due to the high population density and lack of infrastructure, the area is very prone to diseases, infections and water contamination which inevitably does not make it easier on a child suffering from malnutrition. The program of Medika Mamba would not have had this tremendous success without the help of Madam Bwa. She has been living and working in Shada for the past 37 years. She is the founder of the clinic, which is open on Wednesdays and Fridays, where patients can come and have the chance to a free consultation by a doctor. Furthermore, she has gained the respect of the community through many years of providing free service as a midwife for mothers than cannot afford to deliver their baby at a hospital or a clinic. Some even consider her the mayor of Shada because of all her humanitarian endeavors and her constant preaching to shed light on the problems in the community and how we can work together in providing solutions. Madam Bwa is an inspiration for many and a strong advocate for human welfare, we are very fortunate to work hand in hand with her.