Groundbreaking News!

MFK has had an October to celebrate! On Monday October 3rd  MFK Executive Director Dr. Wolff, was joined by MFK staff and local leaders for the groundbreaking of MFK’s new factory. Since the groundbreaking, a road to the factory and a fence around the property have already been constructed. The factory is scheduled to be completed in May of 2012. MFK was able to begin construction thanks to a bridge loan. This means our fundraising efforts must continue until we reach our campaign goal.

Once completed this factory will dramatically change the scope of MFK’s impact. Currently MFK is able to produce enough Medika Mamba to treat 8,000 malnourished children a year. With the completion of the new factory, this number will increase to 80,000 children a year! Along with saving the lives of more malnourished children, the factory will allow MFK to hire more Haitians, purchase more peanuts, and support more Haitian farmers.

This factory is an imperative step towards changing the lives of Haitian children on a large scale. There is still much to be done until the factory is operational. We must continue to work hard and fundraise until the campaign goal has been reached and the factory is complete. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue our efforts to see the factory is finished on time!