Getting Medika Mamba to Those Who Need it Most Following the Earthquake

Dr. Pat Wolff and others from the Meds & Food for Kids team are on the ground in Cap-Haitien, approximately 150 miles north of Port-au-Prince. They’ve been providing regular updates via email on their efforts to get Medika Mamba into the hands of those who need it most following the quake. Over the weekend, Steve Taviner, MFK’s Operations Officer, told us these two stories.

Carwyn Hill, from the Baptist Convention of Quartier Morin, took 200 kg of donated Medika Mamba on one of his daily trips from Cap Haitien to Port-au-Prince for an orphanage he had identified with urgent needs.

The orphanage had lost its building during the quake, and five children and two staff died in the disaster. When Carywn arrived at their relocated site on Friday morning, there were 70 children with one day’s food left. Medika Mamba was a welcome sight.

Last week, the team took 200kg of Medika Mamba out to the hospital in Milot, a city near Cap Haitien. This hospital is serving as an overflow trauma center for quake victims. Patients are arriving from Port-au-Prince by U.S. military helicopters or by car.