Employee Profile: The One, The Only Fredo

Andre Fredo who goes simply by Fredo is MFK’s Assistant Production Officer. Fredo comes from a large (this maybe an understatement) family with 8 brothers and sisters. He grew up in Ti Bouk, Port Margo, a small village about 2 hours from Cap Haitian. When Fredo was a child Ti Bouk was a thriving town with many people. Unfortunately due to urbanization and continued erosion from a lack of trees  Ti Bouk is no longer a bustling place

At the age of 18 Fredo moved to the Cap Haitien where he rented a small apartment and went to school full time. In 2004 Fredo decided it be safer to live with his cousins in Cap Haitien. Regrettably not long after this move his father became sick and Fredo could no longer afford to go to school. After hearing this a MFK manager who new Fredo thought he would make a great addition to the MFK team, he was right. Fredo has been with MFK for over 3 years and is still working on his education so he can graduate from school in just over a year.

MFK has given Fredo the tools to help those in his community who are suffering from malnutrition. Fredo once encountered a child in his community whose mother had died, despite the caregivers best efforts the child would not gain weight.  Fredo asked Davnic, an MFK health agent, to visit the child and take them to the nearest Medika Mamba clinic. According to reports from Fredo the child is growing strong and doing well in school. When Fredo was asked how he felt about his work he replied, “I am happy to work for MFK because I know that we are working to help children who are suffering”.

Fredo is not all business though during his free time he enjoys reading, using the computer, watching T.V. (when there is power) and going to the beach. Fredo is a dedicated and hardworking member of the MFK team who often entertains other employees keeping the work atmosphere light hearted and fun. During the three weeks that MFK’s Production Officer and Quality Manager were in France Fredo stepped up and kept track of all the records required of the Production Officer. He is now attending night computer classes to learn Excel and Word. Fredo’s dedication to MFK, his education, and his community make us proud that he is a part of the MFK team.