Dr. Wolff to Speak at Global Health Council Conference

On June 14th, Dr. Patricia Wolff, MFK’s Executive Director, will be speaking in Washington D.C. at the Global Health Council Conference. The PlumpyField Network will host a special discussion on the need for innovation and political action in the fight for child health and nutrition.

Dr. Wolff will speak to the benefits of locally produced Ready to Use Foods (RUFs) along with the use of local agricultural and labor to create a sustainable solution to treating malnutrition. The benefits of the local approach to RUFs include: their ability to target populations with the greatest need for nutritional interventions, local farmers having access to an expanded and stable market to sell their products, and the jobs created spur economic development. RUFs help ameliorate nutritional emergencies, locally produced RUFs target the root causes of malnutrition.

Other leaders and entrepreneurs from the PlumpyField Network will discuss how they work to ensure these nutritional products reach the children who need them most. The themes of the conference include increasing production of targeted nutritional products tailored to the needs of affected population, promoting global cooperation and support from the private sector, and achieving sustainability by raising awareness.

In 2010 alone, PlumpyField network members, including MFK, have supplied enough RUFs to treat more than one million children suffering from severe acute malnutrition and one million children suffering from moderate acute malnutrition. Nutriset and the PlumpyField Network are currently invested in more than 60 scientific studies to develop new products, targeted to address the entire spectrum of nutritional deficiencies in the developing world.