Coalition for More and Better Peanuts

On June 19-20 in Limbe, Northern Haiti, MFK agricultural staff will showcase proven techniques that have improved production and the quality of peanuts at a workshop organized by the Georgia-based non-profit, League of Hope. The workshop will bring together similarly minded organizations working in the peanut sectors, such as MFK, Zanmi Agrikòl and Technoserve, to share experiences and best practices in agricultural development, and set the stage for future collaboration and investment. The group will have the opportunity to visit MFK’s nearby peanut trial plots and meet with farmer partners to learn about the model for small-scale, sustainable peanut farming, as well as aflatoxin abatement methods. We are very excited for this opportunity for MFK’s agricultural model to be scaled nationally to improve nutrition, rural livelihoods, and public health throughout Haiti!

The model used by MFK’s agricultural program has been developed over time in Haiti in collaboration with Haiti’s Ministry of Agriculture, the Christian University of Northern Haiti (UCNH), and international partners such as the University of Georgia and USAID’s Peanut CRSP. These evidence-based practices demonstrate that farmer incomes can increase dramatically while eventually lowering associated costs and improving crop quality, with empirical data showing an increase of profitability of $645 per average production area per harvest using MFK’s small-scale production model compared to that of $113 using traditional methods. This is achieved using affordable small-scale tractors, improved agronomic techniques, and minimal inputs. Read more about our agricultural program here.