Christian World Relief and Children’s Relief Mission Visit Haiti

In January, St. Louisans Mike Lewis (left), vice president of Christian World Relief, and Rick Owsley(right), president of Children’s Relief Mission, visited MFK in Haiti.  While in Cap Haitien, they visited the MFK factory and clinics that Medika Mamba is provided to in order to see the work that is being done there.

19116552393_KL6hjThey also saw the process of growing the peanuts used to make Medika Mamba.  Below, Mr. Lewis and Dr. Pat Wolff are posing with bags of peanuts.  The bags are specially designed for drying the peanuts in order to prevent the growth of aflatoxin, a fungus that is harmful to humans.

19116564152_5DZznBoth agencies are hoping to raise funds in order to purchase Medika Mamba to distribute to clinics and orphanages in Haiti. MFK would like to say thank you to these men and their organizations for their support!