Board Visit to Haiti and Mamba Lespri

roadIn the end of May, some members of the board went to Haiti for the first time; stereotypes dissipated, while new conceptions of the realities of Haiti were formed. It began with a bus that never came to deliver a car part which was later discovered not to fit. The car has been broken down for over a month. Each day brought news about the car alternatively generating hope or disappointment. The absence of the second car made accomplishing tasks for the factory a logistical mess. Not to mention it sometimes left the board members riding in the trunk. Amidst an environment that is challenging at best, every accomplishment stands out.

On May 25, MFK’s new product Mamba Lespri was successfully created and taste tested. A new type of peanut butter medicine, Mamba Lespri contains a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals per teaspoon of product. This high concentration makes it ideal for bringing the daily recommended vitamins and minerals to school children in the least possible serving size. This is an exciting development that will expand Mamba impact by ensuring continued healthy growth in older children. Progress, while slow, has infinite potential to create change.