Aerial View of the Factory!

In the month since our last update, we have made tremendous progress on the factory! With the walls erected and some of the rooms completed, it is beginning to look more and more like an actual factory. We have been working with Amteck to start installing the power systems that will fuel the tenfold increase in production. Jamie Rhoads, our agronomist, managed to get some great shots of the factory from the sky as his plane happened to fly over the factory. The aerial view captures the immensity of the factory. We are all really excited for the increased production that will come with its completion! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible! Your contributions, both financial and in time and talent, have made this factory a reality!

Taken April 24, 2012

Taken May 7, 2012

The interior of the factory, taken May 17, 2012

The walls are up! Taken May 18, 2012

And lastly, Jamie’s amazing aerial shot! Taken May 22, 2012