A Look into MFK’s Malnutrition Program

From MFK Nurse Educator, Magdalla Jacques Borgella

Fort Bourgeois is a beautiful community located in Northern Haiti in Cap-Haitien among the mountains. Unfortunately in this area, malnutrition is one of the leading causes of children’s mortality. As part of our malnutrition program, Meds & Food for Kids partners with Centre de Santé Fort Bourgeois-ULS to provide Medika Mamba treatment and important health education sessions to parents.

Judelande conducting a health screening

Miss Judelande Jerome is a nurse at the Fort Bourgeois clinic and has been working with the malnutrition program for more than five years. Judelande enjoys working in the malnutrition program because her experience improves while working alongside MFK’s nurses who pass on valuable knowledge. 

At Centre de Santé Fort Bourgeois-ULS, Miss Judelande and other health agents conduct educational sessions for the parents of children enrolled in the malnutrition program.

Educational sessions

They teach parents about the use of Medika Mamba and treating malnutrition, and educate them on vitamins-rich food, hygiene, and water sanitation best practices for their children to grow up healthy after they graduate from the program.

When Cheldeyn was 9 months old, he was just 12.9 lbs and severely malnourished. He was living with his mother, father, and two siblings. His mother came with him to the Fort Bourgeois clinic from referral at Justinien Hospital for screening. “He was so weak, no appetite, fever, diarrhea and cried constantly,” added Judelande. After screening, Chedelyn was admitted for the severe acute rate of malnutrition with edema.


Judelande helped care for Chedelyn as he spent 12 weeks in the outpatient program, followed by the evaluation clinical nurse every week. He graduated at a healthy weight of 16.9 Lbs. His life was transformed thanks to Medika Mamba.

“I am so grateful to MFK, my son was very weak and sick, now he’s playing, smiling all the time, He has recovered, thanks to Medika Mamba,” Said Chedelyn’s mother. Stories like Chedelyn’s is just one of the reasons Judelande enjoys being part of the MFK’s mission to decrease malnutrition levels and save the lives of children in Haiti.