We Reached Our Goal to Feed 500 Hungry Minds; In Fact We Nearly Doubled It!

Our supporters didn’t just help us reach our goal of raising $24,000; they blew it out of the water and raised a staggering $42,899 to feed hungry young minds! Because of your generosity to Haiti’s children we can give our nutritious school snack, Vita Mamba, to nearly 900 children, every school day for a full year.

Meds & Food for Kids developed and piloted Vita Mamba (Haitian Creole for Peanut Butter for Life), with the support of a USDA McGovern Dole grant during the 2012 – 2013 school year. The feedback from the students, parents, and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. The playground has become more raucous and the students more engaged inside the classroom.

Vita Mamba is particularly important in a low-income country like Haiti, where only 18% of children receive a daily meal at school. None of the schools MFK partners with are able to offer their students a school lunch and most of these children make the walk to school in the morning on an empty stomach. Tired and hungry, they just can’t learn over the grumbling in their bellies. But, now, thanks to you, there is hope for hundreds more children. Children just like Jules.