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MFK’s Medika Mamba therapeutic food has treated more than 600,000 infants and children. Haitian clinics treat sick, starving children with little chance of survival. We don’t give up on these children! We treat them with Medika Mamba and they grow stronger and healthier.

Meet 1-year old Judeson, who weighed just over half of the average 1 year-old at only 13.4lbs. He had been sick for a few months with fever and kwashiorkor, a condition caused by severe malnutrition and protein deficiency. Judeson was also struggling with hair loss and a rash as a result of his poor health.

Judeson’s mother traveled 6 hours by foot, motorcycle, and taxi to reach the clinic. She stayed with him at the clinic as he received Medika Mamba. Over 9 weeks, Judeson grew healthier, his skin cleared and he gained weight to reach 16.3lbs!

Everyday, MFK’s donors and supporters save children like Judeson. We are grateful to everyone who comes together to rescue the next generation from hunger. Because of you, we are saving lives and transforming futures in Haiti and across the globe.