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2023 is quickly coming to a close, and we have a great deal to be thankful for. This year, Meds & Food for Kids’ donors and supporters helped save more than 60,000 children with Medika Mamba RUTF.

To celebrate, we are grateful to share the stories of 6 of these “Mamba Miracle” children.

Chrislarison, age 2

Chrislarison came to the clinic severely malnourished, weighing only 15 pounds at 2years old. He was sick with a fever and diarrhea, and edema due to kwashiorkor. Chrislarison’s illness made it difficult for him to stand and walk, and the severity of his malnutrition he needed extra time being treated with Medika Mamba. After 22 weeks, he could finally walk again, and weighed 21 pounds.

Eddy, age 2

Eddy was brought to the clinic by his aunt, who traveled 5 hours by foot, motorcycle, and taxi for him to receive treatment. His mother died 5 months prior, and his health and appetite quickly declined. Like many malnourished children, Eddy had a fever and very low energy, as well as edema affecting his face, belly, and legs. Medika Mamba quickly helped Eddy improve, and after 10 weeks he not only gained weight, but lost the edema swelling and began showing his playful smile again!

Kervenica, age 2

Kervenica was born into difficult circumstances, as her mother passed away just after her birth. Her father struggled to make ends meet, so her aunt stepped in to help care for her and her two brothers. When Kervenica began losing a significant amount of weight and experiencing diarrhea, fever, and vomiting, her aunt brought her to a clinic for Medika Mamba treatment. Before Medika Mamba, Kervenica weighed only 13pounds, and after treatment was much healthier with no more symptoms and weighing 17 pounds.

Gilodson, age 6

6 year old Gilodson was malnourished with edema, and had swelling in his face that made it difficult for him to see. Gilodson’s story is not unlike that of many kids in Haiti – on the way to the clinic he and his mother had to pass through roads controlled by violent gangs.  Safe in the clinic, after just a few days Gilodson’s swelling was reduced and he was able to see again.  7 weeks later, he was back to his playful, healthy self.

Telandia, age 2

Telandia was ill with tuberculosis, and became malnourished as her fever and poor appetite progressed. She was 16 pounds and quickly losing even more weight, so her parents traveled six hours to a clinic so she could receive treatment.  After being treated with Medika Mamba for an extended 16 weeks of recovery, Telandia weighed a much healthier 22 pounds and is able to eat and play with other children.

From her father: “My daughter was very sick, and now I have a child that is alive and happy.  I want to tell everyone thankyou, thank you.”

Berlanda, age 9

Berlanda lives with her parents and 6 siblings, and over the course of a year lost a significant amount of weight. When outpatient treatment was not working, her mother decided to admit her to an inpatient clinic for Medika Mamba treatment. In just 15 weeks, Berlanda gained nearly 15pounds and was able to return home to her family.