100,000 Lives Saved!

New Year, New Milestone

MFK is pleased to start this year off on the right foot by reaching an exciting new milestone: 100,000 kids saved since the organization’s inception in 2003, and 90,000 since the 2010 earthquake. Reaching this milestone so close to the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti has been cause for reflection on the incredible progress that’s been made. There is still a long way to go, but with your help we’ve already made incredible strides!

Photo Credit: Alex Proimos

Our Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Patricia Wolff first visited Haiti as a medical volunteer in 1988. She returned year after year on medical mission trips, and grew increasingly passionate about finding a viable solution for treating the hundreds of thousands of malnourished children that were needlessly dying. Inspired by Andre Briend and colleague Dr. Mark Manary’s work developing Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) in Africa, Dr. Wolff brought RUTF to Haiti in 2003. So began our Medika Mamba (or ‘peanut butter medicine’ in Haitian Creole) production in one of the most food insecure countries in the world.

Initially, MFK was based out of a church school room where Dr. Wolff hand ground Medika Mamba, producing only enough to treat about 10 hungry children a month. Since our humble beginnings in 2003, MFK expanded to a makeshift factory capable of treating 8,000 malnourished children a year, and finally to an 18,000 square foot factory capable of 80,000 malnourished children a year! We have also been able to expand on the number of nutritious peanut butters we produce to include Vita Mamba, a nutritious school snack, and Mamba Djamn, a prenatal supplement and treatment for moderate malnutrition.


MFK’s growth has provided jobs for local Haitians in our factory, a reliable source of income for local farmers, training opportunities to both farmers and health care providers on best practices is their prospective fields, support for undernourished mothers, and of course, the treatment of 100,000 malnourished children.

Photo Credit: Alex Proimos
Photo Credit: Alex Proimos

MFK has not acted alone to achieve this milestone. Partnerships with organizations such as UNICEF, WHO, the USDA, in addition to countless local hospitals, clinics, and schools, have made is possible for us to expand their services and products. There are a number of important groups that have been instrumental in MFK reaching this 100,000 milestone. Companies such as Emerson, Clayco, Burns & McDonnell, International Food Products, Patriot Machine, Novus, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Korien Tillery, countless foundations, and donors like you have dedicated their resources and funding to help Meds & Food for Kids build our new factory, and provide Haitian children with life-saving RUTF. Without your support, MFK could have never reached this milestone.

As we look towards this New Year, we hope to continue to grow and to be able to respond to the many thousands of Haitian children that still need our help. But, on the anniversary of such a devastating event, it was heartening to know progress has been made and there is a bright future ahead for Haiti.