Malnutrition Statistics in Haiti

infographic1Currently, 1 in 5 children in Haiti are malnourished, 1 in 10 are acutely malnourished and 1 in 14 will die before reaching the age of 5.  Many children in Haiti have one meal per day, some less.

The effects of chronic and acute malnutrition are life-long. Severe malnutrition suffered in the first two years of life in Haiti has resulted in irreversible physical and mental disabilities and depressed immune systems, making children more susceptible to contracting diseases and increasing the probability of childhood death. Malnutrition at an early age leads to reduced physical and mental development for a person’s entire life. Stunting, for example, affects more than 147 million pre-schoolers in developing countries, according to SCN’s World Nutrition Situation 5th report.


Of the nearly 10 million people living in Haiti, more than a third are under age 14.


World Bank researchers claim 29.7% of these children experience moderate malnutrition,

while 18.9% are severely malnourished.