Angela Brown GilliamChief Executive Officer

Angela joined MFK after serving as Executive Director to one of our valued partners in Haiti. Having grown up in Cap-Haitien, she brings cultural fluency along with years of international leadership and program-building in healthcare, refugee processing and child development programs. She looks forward to continuing her success at MFK by strengthening staff capabilities in St. Louis and Haiti and widening the scope of MFK’s impact through an enlarged and more robust customer base for the malnutrition products produced in Haiti. Increased production will ultimately result in more lives saved, and more lives changed to prevent malnutrition in the first instance.

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Patricia B. Wolff, MDFounder & Senior Advisor

Dr. Wolff has both BA and MD degrees from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and worked for the Indian Health Service in South Dakota following her graduation. After a residency at Washington University Medical School, she worked as a pediatrician for 35 years in St. Louis City and was President of Forest Park Pediatrics until the summer of 2011, when she resigned to devote herself full-time to Meds & Food for Kids. Dr. Wolff has been listed in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Doctors list since 2002. She currently splits her time between St. Louis and Haiti.

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Jeff KlopfensteinBoard President

Jeff is the former President of the Methionine Business Unit at Novus International, Inc. He is currently consulting on business development in the animal nutrition space.

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Suzanne LangloisSecretary

Suzanne is the co-founder and former co-owner of Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company – a roaster and regional wholesaler of specialty coffee; and Kaldi’s Coffeehouse – cafes offering coffee beverages and eclectic fare. She currently teaches entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

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David SchomerTreasurer

David is a CPA, CFA Charterholder, and is the co-founder and director of 80Twenty Capital, a private equity firm focusing on investment in the e-commerce industry.

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Yvena Lesperance AtkinsBoard Member Since April 2021

Yvena is a Haitian-American strategist and entrepreneur. She is an avid supporter of MFK and served as a co-chair for the annual gala.

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Fredo DerazinBoard Member Since June 2017

Fredo is the principal at Bel Cleaning Services.  Partnership. Service. Inspiration.

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Thomas GreenwayBoard Member Since April 2021

Thomas is the Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy and Services for Meijer, a grocery supercenter chain located throughout the midwest.

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John HarlanBoard Member Since August 2019

John is the founder and current president of The Harlan Company, a mid-sized general contracting company based in St Louis, Missouri.

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Terry HatfieldBoard Member Since April 2013

Terry is the former Vice President of Market Operations for Europe and Executive Vice President for Global Sales Operations, both with Ralston Purina.

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Jeffrey HochmanBoard Member Since May 2016

Jeffrey is a residential real estate developer and entrepreneur after recently selling his residential general contracting company.

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John KuenziBoard Member Since January 2018

John is past President/ CEO of CJ Foods.  He is currently President of NQV8 and CEO or Rubicon Scientific.

He is past Chairman of Kansas State University Research Foundation; Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship; Mentor and Board Member of Kansas State Entrepreneurship Program. He also has served on the Emmaus University in Haiti Board and is currently serving on the Morris Animal Foundation Board; Pet Food Advisory Board; and past club President of his local Rotary Club.

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Don MarekBoard Member Since May 2020

Don, a retiree from AT&T, is from a family that ran the Haitian Agricultural Corporation (HACOR) near our MFK plant for 44 years, so he has a keen appreciation of the importance of our work with Haitians and the developing world.

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Arlene Moore RossBoard Member Since April 2021

Arlene has been a CRNA since 1986 and recently retired from Washington University in St Louis. She has supported MFK for over 2 decades, serving as a co-chair of the Annual Gala and visiting the facility in Cap Haitien.

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Brian YostBoard Member Since July 2020
Brian is a Managing Director and Wealth Management Advisor at Alpine Private Capital.
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  • “I speak for our entire team in St. Louis when I say it is a tremendously gratifying feeling that our team’s time, talents, and treasures have been able to assist such a great cause.  Awesome to see the completed manufacturing facility and the lives impacted by the endeavors of MFK!”
    Breck Washam, Vice President of Burns & McDonnell, Supporter Since 2010
  • “You realize how absolutely blessed you are by the fate of your soul coming down the chute in the United States of America. You wonder: Why did this happen to me and not to them?”
    MFK Executive Director, Dr. Patricia Wolff, as Quoted in a CNN Article Titled "As Children Starve, World Struggles for Solution", In Reference to Her Experiences Working in Haiti
  • “The clear advantages of Medika Mamba, combined with a distressingly high number of hospital admissions, led HAS [Hôpital Albert Schweitzer] to decide to provide all severely malnourished children with Medika Mamba, beginning during the last few days of hospitalization and continuing for up to eight weeks at home.”
    Report on the Emergency Malnutrition Program [August 2008] from HÔpital Albert Schweitzer, One of Haiti's Preeminent Healthcare Providers
  • “We are good farmers here in Haiti, and we have good land. But all we know is what our grandfathers and their grandfathers knew. Sometimes all we need is some new knowledge—so thank you for coming.”
    Haitian Farmer Who Benefits from the Capacity Building Sponsored by MFK and Carried Out by Peanut Scientists at the University of Georgia
  • “I have rarely been as impressed with the vision, energy and results of a project as I have been with MFK and the work of Dr. Patricia Wolff. MFK touches the lives of so many children in such an innovative way using natural resources that are indigenous to the area. It is miraculous.”
    Dr. Thomas Pearson, Director of Christian World Relief, a Financial Supporter of MFK Since 2005
  • “My child was small. Now she is like a double child from the one I had. Now I can hold her and play with her.”
    Mother of Child in the Medika Mamba Program
  • “Medika Mamba has done big things for the poor here. Children—and I have witnessed it with my own eyes—make rapid recoveries.”