Electrical Engineering / Certified Electrician Fellow

About the Job

Working with Haitian technical staff, other important objectives for this role are listed below:

  • Responsible for ensuring a smooth transition from primarily diesel-generated power to primarily solar-generated power at the factory
  • Responsible for properly sizing the electric circuit-breaker panel and developing the plan for expansion, as appropriate and needed
  • Project manage the installation of electrical power to new finished products depot
  • Assist and support maintenance staff in maintaining PMX tool to ensure that production machinery and other plant systems are on track
  • Participation in all management discussions among MFK staff to facilitate good communication and decision-making throughout the organization
  • Mentoring Haitian workers on all systems with the view toward Haitian self-sufficiency in the near future.

Specific Major Systems

  • Food Processing System for production and packaging of peanut-based RUTF
  • Agricultural peanut processing equipment for sorting, blanching, roasting of peanuts
  • Water purification system
  • Air conditioning and ventilating systems
  • Energy production system: generators, inverters, batteries

Anticipated Outputs

  • Plant successfully moves toward transiting from diesel-generated power to primarily solar generated power
  • Electrical power to new finished goods depot is installed and operational
  • Electric power panel is properly-sized and a plan is developed to support future use
  • Comprehensive and sustainable preventative maintenance plans are supported, with Haitian support and buy-in, for all major facility systems


  • Collaboration with Haitian production, maintenance and quality assurance staff
  • Mentoring Haitian maintenance staff in trouble-shooting, installations and other techniques necessary for the smooth and professional workings of the factory
  • General duties as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer and Plant Manager in Haiti.

Reporting and being responsible directly to Phito Florestal, Maintenance Operations Supervisor



  • Preferred four-year degree in electrical engineering OR certified electrician
  • Proven experience in successfully managing, influencing and leading others; project management experience is essential; international or cross-cultural experience a plus
  • Good problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and demonstrated leadership capability
  • Willingness to do what it takes to produce results in an under-resourced, rapidly changing environment, where uncertainty and new obstacles are common
  • Must be willing to “get hands dirty”
  • Willing to live and work in Cap-Haitien, Haiti for 12 months
  • Construction experience helpful
  • Food processing facility experience helpful
  • Ability to speak French or Haitian Creole a plus; must speak English (Willingness to learn Creole)


Cap Haitien, Haiti


Fellow will be provided shared, secure housing in a Cap-Haitien house; health and medical evacuation insurance; two round-trip plane tickets from country of residence to Haiti; five weeks of vacation during the 12-month contract, a monthly stipend to cover food and personal items; access to two shared vehicles for transportation in and around the Cap-Haitien area

To Apply:

Interested candidates should submit cover letter and CV or resume to lplummer@mfkhaiti.org; please put”Engineering Fellowship” in subject line.