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Emergency Food Production Continues in Haiti

Distribution Blocked by Gangs

March 22, 2024
Contact: Maggie Probert, Meds & Food for Kids, 314-630-2119

Cap Haitien, Haiti March 22, 2024Meds & Food for Kids continues to produce Medika Mamba, the lifesaving emergency ready-to-use therapeutic food for children and mothers, at its factory in Cap Haitien. “Our team of nearly 90 Haitians continues to produce Medika Mamba in-country,” stated Remenson Tenor, Chief Operations Officer, of Meds & Food for Kids.

“But children under siege are facing starvation and death because we lack safe corridors for distribution,” Tenor noted. “Access must be opened immediately to distribute Medika Mamba and to receive materials and supplies to continue production.”

Annually Tenor and his team produce more than 1,000 metric tons of emergency life-saving Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) to save the lives of starving children in Haiti.

Last week Tenor issued a call to action for open humanitarian corridors for safe distribution of emergency food distribution to children and mothers.

“We, the people of Haiti, call on the US Congress and the international community to release the promised funds now to support efforts to restore peace and to provide humanitarian corridors for free movement around the country. The people of Haiti need to be heard. We want peace and support so that Haitians can rebuild the country,” Tenor said.

“It will take time and resources. The international community must respect Haiti’s sovereignty and the Haitian people’s wishes. The world supported Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to rebuild its infrastructure. Now help us rebuild a civil society and democracy. With a sustainable plan for peace, we will rebuild,” Tenor said.

About Meds & Food for Kids
Meds & Food for Kids has treated nearly 1 million malnourished infants, toddlers, school children, and pregnant and nursing mothers with Ready-to-Use Therapeutic and Supplemental Foods produced at our Haitian factory.

These therapeutic and supplemental foods are known as Medika Mamba in Haiti or Plumpy’Nut internationally; Vita Mamba and Plumy’Doz. Made by Haitians, using Haitian peanuts, all of these products: remain shelf stable for 24 months; are able to be administered by a parent or caregiver; follow the highest international quality standards and recipe protocols set by global producer network PlumpyField with Nutriset.

Our solar-powered factory is managed and operated completely by a Haitian team dedicated to saving lives in Haiti. We believe in locally-led solutions for sustainable change that interrupts the cycle of poverty, the root cause of hunger.
Meds & Food for Kids trains and supports small plot Haitian farmers to increase the quality and yield of their peanut crops. We purchase these peanuts for producing therapeutic foods, and continue to support these farmers after training so they can successfully feed their families and communities.

Our work aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including:
#2 Zero Hunger
#7 Clean Energy
#8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

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